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Professor in Physics, Griffith University,

Director, Centre for Quantum Dynamics.


Prof. H. M. Wiseman FAA FAPS FOSA
Centre for Quantum Dynamics
Griffith University
Brisbane Queensland 4111
Email: H.Wiseman@griffith.edu.au
Ph.   61-7-3735 7271

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QUANTUM MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL --- the Cambridge University Press textbook by Wiseman and Milburn
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THEN ARTHUR FOUGHT --- The Matter of Britain (378-634 A.D.) --- my quasihistory of dark-age Britain and Europe, recently (2015) published to critical acclaim.

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Theory Group (Photo September 2015)

Wiseman Quantum       Theory Group Griffith

Back row: Shakib Daryanoosh (PhD student), Dr Tim Gould (JV's group), Adjunct Prof. Robert Robson, Dr Gerardo Paz-Silva

Middle row: Dr Salil Bedkihal (JV's group), Adjunct Dr He-Bi Sun, Mr Shuming Chen (PhD student), Ms Ivonne Guevara (PhD student), Dr Kenny Li (PhD student), Mr Toshio Croucher (PhD student, JV's group)

Front row: Emeritus Prof. David Pegg, Associate Professor Joan Vaccaro, me, Dr Michael Hall

Previous group photos

Audios or Videos of some scientific and outreach presentations

Singapore Science Centre, 11 January 2017: Are we living in the matrix: an introduction to quantum weirdness
Griffith Impact Event, Brisbane, 29 November 2016: D-Day for Quantum Physics - The BIG BELL TEST (I and Prof. Geoff Pryde present)
Interview with George Musser, Vienna, October 2015: An Interview with Howard Wiseman: the debate over quantum nonlocality ...
Talk at Emergent Quantum Mechanics, Vienna, October 2015: Ensembles of Bohmian Trajectories: Real, Surreal, and Hyper-Real
ABC Queensland Radio broadcast, 16th February 2015: Sweating the Small Stuff: Panel discussion by me and of others about quantum physics
Quantum Theory Without Observers III, Bielefeld, 2013: Interview of me (and of others) about quantum foundations
Quantum Theory Without Observers III, Bielefeld, 2013: My lecture, "Weak values and Quantum Foundations" (and others' lectures)
Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, 2013: Quantum Enhanced Optical Phase Tracking
BrisScience public talk, Brisbane, 2011: Are We Living in the Matrix?
NASA, Moffat Field, 2012: Quantum Limits in Phase Estimation
Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, 2009: Adaptive vs Non-adaptive Measurements fort Estimation and Discrimination
Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, 2009: Tutorial on Quantum Feedback Control 1 and 2
Perimeter Institute Recorded Seminar Archive (PIRSA), 2009: What de Broglie--Bohm Mechanics tells us about the Nature of the Quantum State
Perimeter Institute Recorded Seminar Archive (PIRSA), 2004: Quantum foundations in the light of quantum dynamics: from weak values to Bohm
Perimeter Institute Recorded Seminar Archive (PIRSA), 2004: Entanglement constrained by indistinguishability: SSRs, Reference Frames and Beyond
Griffith University: Introduction to the Centre for Quantum Dynamics (2010)
Griffith University: Introduction to quantum physics research (2007?)

Wiseman Group News


Paper in Nature Communications
Shakib Daryanoosh, Sergei Slussarenko, Dominic W. Berry, Howard M. Wiseman, and Geoff J. Pryde, Experimental optical phase measurement approaching the exact Heisenberg limit

Paper in Phys. Rev. Lett.
Nora Tischler, Farzad Ghafari, Travis J. Baker, ... Howard M. Wiseman, and Geoff J. Pryde, Conclusive Experimental Demonstration of One-Way Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Steering

Paper in Physics Reports
Li Li, Michael J.W. Hall, and Howard M. Wiseman, Concepts of quantum non-Markovianity: A hierarchy

Congratulations to Dr Eric Cavalcanti on gaining a Future Fellowship and a continuing position at Griffith! Now there are three theorists in quantum information / quantum foundations on faculty in CQD.

Congratulations to Dr Gerardo Paz Silva for gaining a $3M AUSMURI grant for 3 years (with myself, Dr Chris Ferrie at UTS and Prof. Andrea Morello at UNSW). It is an Australian partner to a US MURI grant

Congratulations to graduating PhD student: Dr Shuming Cheng.

Long-term visitor this year: Ms Ya Cao from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.


Farewell to: Dr Michael Hall (after 6 years!)

Congratulations to graduating PhD student: Dr Li (Kenny) Li.

Paper in Optica
Xiang Zhan, Eric G. Cavalcanti, Jian Li, Zhihao Bian, Yongsheng Zhang, Howard M. Wiseman, and Peng Xue, Experimental generalized contextuality with single-photon qubits

Welcome New Postdoc: Dr Nariman Saadatmand (from UQ).

Paper in NPJ Quantum Information
Bo Qi, Zhibo Hou, Yuanglong Wang, Daoyi Dong, Han-Sen Zhong, Li Li, Guo-Yong Xiang, Howard M. Wiseman, Chuan-Feng Li, and Guang-Can Guo, Adaptive quantum state tomography via linear regression estimation: Theory and two-qubit experiment

Welcome New Postdoc: Dr Areeya Chantasri (from Rochester).

Paper in Science Adv.
Matthew S. Palsson, Mile Gu, Joseph Ho, Howard M. Wiseman, and Geoff J. Pryde, Experimentally modelling stochastic processes with less memory by the use of a quantum processor

Paper in Phys. Rev. Lett.
Sergei Slussarenko, Morgan M. Weston, Jun-Gang Li, Nicholas Campbell, Howard M. Wiseman, and Geoff J. Pryde, Quantum state discrimination using the minimum average number of copies

I was elected as a Fellow of The Optical Society (OSA)


Congratulations to graduating PhD students: Dr Shakib Daryanoosh (off to Macquarie) and Dr Ivonne Guevara.

Congratulations to DECRA (ARC fellowship) recipient: Dr Gerardo Paz Silva .

Paper in Phys. Rev. Lett.
Sabine Wollmann, Nathan Walk, Adam J. Bennet, Howard M. Wiseman, and Geoff J. Pryde, ''Observation of Genuine One-Way Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Steering''

Long-term visitor this year: Ms Yu Xiang from Peking University.

Paper in Science Adv.
D. H. Mahler, L. Rozema, K. Fisher, L. Vermeyden, K. J. Resch, H. M. Wiseman, and A. Steinberg, ''Experimental nonlocal and surreal Bohmian trajectories''


CQC2T logo

The Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology was established as an Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence in 2011, and renewed for a further 7 years in 2018. (It succeeds earlier ARC -funded Centres going back to 2000.) It now research programs at eight Australian Universities: UNSW, Melbourne, ANU, Griffith, Queensland, RMIT, and UTS. I am Node Manager of the Griffith effort. This comprises three Programs: Griffith University hosts two programs, a Quantum Information Theory Program headed by me, and an experimental Optical Quantum Information Program headed by Prof. Geoff Pryde, and an experimental Integrated Quantum Photonics Program headed by Assoc. Prof. Mirko Lobino.

My Theory Program supports wide-ranging theoretical research in quantum information, underpinning both quantum communication and quantum computation, and uncovering new implications and applications of the quantum information perspective. For more information see the Program Page on the CQC2T website.

New PhD students interested in studying in my group are welcome. Scholarships are available for domestic and overseas students with 1st Class Honours or equivalent (typically >80% in the 4th or higher year of tertiary studies, including a research project equivalent to at least one semester of full time study). In addition, all domestic students in CQD obtaining an Australian government award will be given a top-up for 3 years. Please contact me if you are interested. For details about how to apply please see www.griffith.edu.au/centre-quantum-dynamics/research-degrees