Howard Wiseman's Academic Pedigree (Genealogy).

Great^7 -grand supervisor: Johannes Peter Müller

Muellerborn: 1801
died: 1858

MD: Bonn, 1822

known for: physiology of sensation

Great^6 -grand supervisor: Hermann von Helmholtz

Helmholtzborn: 1821
died: 1894

MD: Berlin, 1842

known for: conservation of energy in biology

Great^5 -grand supervisor: Arthur Gordon Webster

Arthur Gordon Websterborn: 1863
died: 1923

PhD: Berlin, 1890

known for: co-founding the American Physical Society

Great^4 -grand supervisor: Albert Potter Wills

PhD: Clark, 1897

Great^3 -grand supervisor: Isidor Isaac Rabi

Isador Rabiborn: 1898
died: 1988

PhD: Columbia 1927

known for: nuclear magnetic resonance
(Nobel Prize 1944)

Great^2 -grand supervisor: Julian Seymour Schwinger

Schwingerborn: 1918
died: 1994

PhD: Columbia 1939

known for: quantum electrodynamics
(Nobel Prize 1965)

Great-grand supervisor: Roy J Glauber

Roy Glauberborn: 1925

PhD: Harvard 1949

known for: quantum optical coherence
(Nobel Prize 2005)

Grand supervisor: Dan F Walls

Dan Wallsborn: 1942
died: 1999

PhD: Harvard 1969

known for: nonclassical effects in quantum optics
(Dirac Prize 1995)

Supervisor: Gerard J Milburn

Gerard Milburnborn: 1958

PhD: Waikato 1982

known for: quantum dynamics, optical quantum computing, ...

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