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These images were originally sources from Karen Strom's greek symbol set. However I have added a number of new symbols to this set as required for various documents on servers I am webmaster for.

NOTE: that some of the symbols below are NOT in this image area but are extra characters provided by the ISO Latin Character Set used in HTML. For example the mulitplication (or in latex \times) × is provided by the html sequence ×

-- Anthony Thyssen

Mathematical Symbols

appeq.gif appeq approx.gif approx neq.gif notequal

ident.gif assign.gif `' imply.gif `'

For times ( × ) you use the ISO Latin Character × and for divide ( ÷ ) use ÷
(See the link at the top of page)

Similaraly for greater ( > ) use &gt; for less ( < ) use &lt; for pos-neg ( ± ) use &#177;

geq.gif geq gg.gif muchgt gtapprox.gif gtapprox

leq.gif leq ll.gif muchlt ltapprox.gif ltapprox

infty.gif inf propto.gif propto del.gif del

sqrt.gif sqrt sum.gif sum integ.gif integral (align middle)

prod.gif product coprod.gif coprod models.gif models

union.gif union intersect.gif intersect element.gif element

subset.gif subset subset_p.gif proper_subset subset2.gif subset

perp.gif perp. parallel.gif || asterisk.gif *

sub_min.gif I_min sub_max.gif Isub_max

Superscript and Subscripts, Numbers and Letters

A Range tiny numbers for use as suberscripts and subscripts are available. Which will allow you to create things like...

cm^2 tv4

2.5 × 10^-41

M^a F_z integrale^4y dy

Hint: Superscripts use ``ALIGN=top'' while subscripts use ``ALIGN=bottom''.

Here are the various digits and numbers you can use (replace # with digit or letter wanted....

tiny_#.gif a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
tiny_#.gif A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
tiny_#.gif 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
tiny-#.gif -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9
(note the `-' in the last image name)

To help you create the various numbers The following symbols are also available in the same size as well as fractions and a some combinations of them.

tiny_pos.gif + tiny_neg.gif -
tiny_sl.gif / tiny_1sl.gif 1/
tiny_pt.gif . tiny_0pt.gif 0.

tiny-1.5.gif -3/2 tiny_1.5.gif 3/2
tiny-0.75.gif -3/4 tiny_0.75.gif 3/4
tiny-0.5.gif -1/2 tiny_0.5.gif 1/2
tiny-0.25.gif -1/4 tiny_0.25.gif 1/4

tiny_14.gif ^18 tiny_18.gif ^14 For Example: C^18O and ^14N

And just a odd italic `i' : tiny_ital_i.gif i

The Greek Alphabet

alpha.gif alpha

beta.gif beta or beta2.gif beta which sits properly on the line (you must set ALIGN=middle!).

gamma.gif gamma and Gamma.gif Gamma

delta.gif delta and Delta.gif Delta

epsilon.gif epsilon epsilon_i.gif epsilon (epsilon italic)

zeta.gif zeta or zeta2.gif zeta

eta.gif eta or eta2.gif eta (same as beta2.gif)

theta.gif theta and Theta.gif Theta

iota.gif iota

kappa.gif kappa

lambda.gif lambda and Lambda.gif Lambda

but mu (µ) can be drawn by the client by using the ISO Latin &#181;.

nu.gif nu

xi.gif xi or xi2.gif xi and Xi.gif Xi

omicron.gif omicron

pi.gif pi and Pi.gif Pi

rho.gif rho or rho2.gif rho

sigma.gif sigma or Sigma.gif Sigma

tau.gif tau

upsilon.gif upsilon and Upsilon.gif Upsilon

phi.gif phi or phi_i.gif phi and Phi.gif Phi

chi.gif chi and Chi.gif Chi

psi.gif psi and Psi.gif Psi

omega.gif omega and Omega.gif Omega

Special symbols for astronomical use

sub_Bol.gif as in L_Bol sub_eff.gif as in T_eff

sub_LSR.gif as in V_LSR and sub_GMC.gif as in M_GMC

mdot.gif Mdot and star.gif as in R_star

sub_wind.gif M_wind sub_disk.gif M_disk

sub_in.gif F_in sub_std.gif (J - K)_std

Plus The Planet Symbols!

sun.gif sun mercury.gif mercury venus.gif venus

earth.gif earth mars.gif mars jupiter.gif jupiter saturn.gif saturn

uranus.gif uranus neptune.gif neptune pluto.gif pluto

Miscellaneous Symbols

ell.gif hbar.gif hbar

ominus.gif ominus otimes.gif otimes oslash.gif oslash

diamond.gif diamond box.gif a box

Dated: 13 December 1995
Original: K. Strom, J. Norman
Modified: Anthony Thyssen, <anthony@cit.gu.edu.au>