Visa Information

Under Australia's universal visa system, all visitors to Australia must have a valid visa to enter Australia, other than New Zealand and Norfolk Island passport holders. Visa applications may take as long as 8 weeks to process.

Visa applications

There are many visa options available to people wishing to visit Australia. The appropriate visa option will depend, amongst other things, on the purpose for visiting Australia. A Business Visa or a Visitor Visa would be the most appropriate option for most delegates to DASFAA2018, even if you intend to extend your stay for tourism. Family members travelling with you will need to apply for their own (tourist) visas.

Please refer to the Department of Home affairs 's business visit visa options page for information on the different business visa options and how to apply. If you are eligible for an electronic application please apply at least 4 weeks in advance of your arrival in Australia. If you are making a paper-based application you are advised to apply at least 8 weeks before your arrival in Australia. People with character or health concerns should apply 4 months in advance.

Invitation Letter

If you need an invitation letter, please email us on, noting your full name, title, institution, adddress, country, and paper ID and title if you are an author.