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The information in this directory is provided by the system programmers as a service to the community (CIT computer users). While some of the information is useful to computer users the world over, much of the information is specific to the Computing Facilities, School of Computing and Information Technology, Griffith University.

Information Guides

* Unix System Guides
* Choosing a Safe Password
* Home Cleanup Proceedure
* UNIX Groups - hints tips and using
* Using SSH - Secure access to UNIX servers via Secure-Shell
* Compressed Tar Archives - hints & tips
* GZip tar files vs. Zip Archives -

* External UNIX references
* Unix for Beginner by Brian W. Kernighan

* World Wide Web
* Installing a Local WWW Homepage
* Writing a Local HTML Document (local conventions)
* HTML Style Guide (Things to do, not to do, and to consider)
* Implementing WWW Passwords for sub-directorys.
* Using CGI scripts (how to set up).
* Security Issues with CGI script (what you should know).

* Misc Internet Access
* Netiquette - Email / News Etiquette
* Using X windows from a remote machine

Other Information

* An extensive set of ``Hints and Tips'' is provided by Anthony Thyssen in his
Tower of Computational Sorcery, which is part of his Castle Home Page. Specifically have a look at the top floor containing How to Guides.

Created: 31 March 1995
Updated: 29 June 2012, by Anthony Thyssen
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