Current Projects

Seek and Sign.

Seek and Sign

This project aims to improve access for preliterate deaf children to Auslan signing resources on the internet, computer based software and mobile technologies, to assist these children and their families to learn signing. The project is also expected to enhance these children's access to literacy and numeracy resources.


Most deaf children are born to hearing parents who are unfamiliar with sign languages or the tools needed to teach deaf children to communicate via speech and/or signing. Therefore deaf children rely heavily on face to face resources from education and deaf support services. A preliminary survey indicates that there is a lack of other learning resources for deaf children who have not yet learned to read or write.

A picture based tool ('Auslan Sign Dictionary') was developed in 2009 by a School of ICT project group for the Warrigal Road State School Deaf Education Unit. It is currently being used by the School but has not yet been evaluated in relation to other resources. An analysis by Jessica Korte shows that it has several deficiencies.

Aims of this project

The Seek and Sign project group has the broad aim of looking at how information technology can support young hearing impaired children to learn Auslan. At present there are two projects underway by the group

  1. The Sign My World Application: Development of a game based application for use on mobile technology such as smart phones and tablet computers. This game is aimed at preliterate hearing impaired children, with the goal of helping them to learn Auslan
  2. Gesture Recognition research: This is a research project exploring the current capabilities of gesture recognition technology with the aim of identifying and developing technology for recognising Auslan

Initial Project Team

Dr Leigh Ellen Potter: Lecturer, School of ICT, Griffith University Nathan

Dr Sue Nielsen: Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Intergrated and Intelligent Systems, Griffith University Nathan

Ms Jessica Korte: PhD Candidate, School of ICT, Griffith University Nathan

Current Papers

Potter, L. E., Korte, J. & Nielsen, S. (2012) Sign my world: lessons learned from prototyping sessions with young deaf children. OzCHI. Melbourne, Australia: ACM.

Korte, J., Potter, L. E. & Nielsen, S. (2012) Designing a Mobile Video Game to help Young Deaf Children Learn Auslan. HCI 2012-People and Computers XXVI. Birmingham, UK: British Computer Society Swinton.

Potter, L. E., Korte, J. & Nielsen, S. (2011) Seek and Sign: An early experience of the joys and challenges of software design with young Deaf children. OzCHI. Canberra: ACM.

Leigh Ellen's Current Research Interests

The user experience around mobile technologies in eHealth.

General Interests

Broadly, the areas that interest me are:

  1. Usability
  2. What draws people into an IT career?
  3. What keeps people in an IT career?
  4. Agile development