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IFIP Working Group 5.12

Enterprise Integration

Membership Criteria

Membership in IFIP WGs is based on professional interest only and is based on peer selection. The members of the Working Group are appointed by the Chairman of the corresponding IFIP Technical Committee, in this case TC5, Computer Applications in Technology, with the approval of that Committee [1] upon recommendation of the Working Group. Membership in a TC or WG may be assumed to be terminated when a member has been inactive for three years. [2]

WG5.12 uses the following system of approval/recommendation:

A prospective new member should have two supporters from the WG to be considered for membership. Consideration for membership will be through a ballot conducted at a WG meeting or via mail (email). A simple majority is enough to be admitted. (Number of yes votes > number of no votes)

To consider and keep a person as a WG member there are two criteria:


[1] IFIP Bylaws (1993 Edition) section 4.3.7

[2] IFIP Chairmans' Handbook (Revised April 1991)