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Anthony's WWW Images (Framed)
Version 2.0


The goal of this Image library is to...
'' Provide a BASE set of images for WWW use ''
It is NOT a be all and end all collection of WWW images. I let the huge number of other WWW image libraries, attempt and fail to do this. Instead this is a starting set of images, that starting web sites can use and expand from.

In accordance with this goal I do not provide banners, logos or any background pattern images. Any such image I supply would rarely be used by a new web site as these one of the things which each web site uses to make their site unique and different from everyone elses.

Also since it was created the library contents has not changed in any major way. Only the occasional small group of images have been added due to general need.

Source Library

All the images in this directory tree have been converted to the GIF format from the source library, Anthony's Icon Library . Please feel free to take a visit and download any and all icons you find there. WARNING: this library is for X Window users, as such images are stored in X Window formats which is not directly suitable for WWW or PC use. (See ''PC Image Conversions'' for information on using this on PCs).

The ''ReadMe'' file within each sub-directory lists any known original source of images or image sets, in that directory, if known.

Created: 30 May 1995
Updated: 27 July 2000
Anthony Thyssen, <Anthony.Thyssen@gmail.com>