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The following images are the bitmap images provided. However as time goes on many of these images are colored and moved to the General Color Images.

Some of the images displayed are bitmaps which have had a `mask' applied. That is, while the image is no longer techniqually a bitmap, they still only use the black and white colors, AND a transparency component. This is a technicality only but allows them to be used effectivally on the darker background displays as well. :-)

General Bitmap Images


Block Wrappers

# Script listing

`` Hey you... ''
`` Yes YOU... ''
`` How do you like my own simple line for speech blocks! ''

`` Now I just wonder what he is thinking about me? ''

Alternatively these lines can also be used as some sort of text inclusion, which could waffle on, and on, and on. This is long example as I needed a long paragraph to show the affect of this blockquote wrapper.

Or half lines for use in
Signs 'R' Us

How about using a left speech line for a indented mail text.
This uses HTML tables with backgound images technique I found on being used on the net, which automatically resizes with the page size.

Or Bracketed on both sides
(table centered)

Spacing Images

--><-- space (1 pixel)
--><-- space 10
--><-- space 20
--><-- space 30
--><-- space 32
--><-- space 40
--><-- space 50
--><-- space 72
--><-- space 100
--><-- space 144
--><-- space 200
--><-- space 240

Technically you could just use WIDTH= image tag option on the first `space.gif' image to adjust the size of the above transparent images. But by using the correct size, however, means you don't have to worry about, old, or bad web browsers.

''End of Text'' Images

Created: 26 May 1995
Modified: 23 October 2000
Anthony Thyssen, <Anthony.Thyssen@gmail.com>