A System of Forgetting in Answer Set Programming

Fu-Leung Cheng1 Thomas Eiter2 Nathan Robinson1 Abdul Sattar1 Kewen Wang1
1Griffith University, Australia
2Technische Universität Wien, Austria


The capability of discarding irrelevant information is a key feature that an intelligent agent must possess to adequately handle reasoning tasks. The notion of forgetting is a promising way of equipping agent systems with such a capability. LPForget implements a novel declarative approach of forgetting in answer set programming. It consists of two modules: (1) Forgetting: the core of the system is computing the result of forgetting about certain literals in logic program under the answer set semantics; (2) CRS: application of forgetting in conflict resolving (or preference recovery) in multi-agent systems. The motivation for developing this system is to provide reasoning support for managing ontologies in rule-based ontology language as well as using the system for studying theoretic properties of forgetting.




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