Enterprise Architecture, Integration, Interoperability and Networking (EAI2N)

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

20-23 September 2010, Brisbane, Australia                                                  www.wcc2010.org



Second Announcement and Call for Papers (PDF)



Programme Committee Chairs


Asia-Pacific Peter Bernus, Griffith U, AU

Europe Guy Doumeingts, INTEROP-VLab, B
                and Univ of Bordeaux, FR

Americas     Mark Fox, U Toronto

International Steering Committee

Peter Bernus, Griffith U, AU

Guy Doumeingts INTEROP-VLab,B & UoB, FR
Yves Ducq U Bordeaux FR
Nenad Filipovic IEDC, SI
Mark Fox Novator & U of Toronto, CA
Ted Goranson Earl, Research, USA
John Gotze CPH Bus School, DK
Michael Gruninger Utoronto, CA
Roland Jochem IIS, Univ. Kassel, DE
Pontus Johnson KTH, S
Brane Kalpic ATK & IEDC, SI
Stephan Kassel U Zwickau, DE
Bernhard Katzy Cetim, U Munchen, DE
Kurt Kosanke CIMOSA, DE
Gyorgy Kovacs Sztaki, HU
Lea Kutvonen U Helsinki, FI
Richard Martin Tinwistle, USA
Kai Mertins IPK, DE
Arturo Molina Gutiérrez TEC Monterrey, MX
Laszlo Nemes Nemes Cons, AU
Ovidiu Noran Griffith U, AU
Hervé Panetto U Nancy. FR
David Romero Tec Monterrey, MX
Pallab Saha NUS, Singapore
Gunter Schmidt U Saarlandes, DE
Marten van Sinderen U Twente, NL
Pat Turner ASPL, AU
Francois Vernadat ECA, EU (LX)
Jakob Vlietsrta USA
Georg Weichhart, U Linz, A
Robert Weisman Buildthevision, CA
Ruchard Weston Loughborogh U, UK
Martin Zelm CIMOSA, DE
Xu Xiaofei HIT, PRC


Local Organising Committee

Peter Bernus, Griffith U, AU
Patrick Turner, ASPL, AU (chair)
Ovidiu Noran, Griffith U, AU
Mark Hudson, CITEC, AU
Jane Baldock, QLD Health, AU


Programme Committee Members


Members of IFIP WG5.12 and 5.8

(listed below)


Important dates

Submission of papers:    Extended deadline: March 15, 2010

Notification to authors:  April 23, 2010

Camera-ready copies:    May 15, 2010


Conference topics


Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Enterprise Interoperability (EI) research and applications are two very important subjects in the development of enterprises and their supporting Information and Communication Technology (ICT), both in Industry and in Public Administration. However, the methodologies and tools have limited success and applications are mostly confined to the management of ICT. This conference investigates what new Methods and Tools are necessary and how future EA/EI will play a key role in the development of enterprises and supporting ICT. These methods and tools will support busines decision making and provide technologies that help create and sustain new types of businesses. The solutions in the domain of EA/EI will allow enterprises to implement sustainable applications and to decrease the cost of the development and the implementation of their solutions. Topics include but are not limited to:


- Enterprise Integration / Interoperability Modelling and Methodologies
- Model-Based Systems Engineering
- Interoperability Design Principles
- Ontology for EA/EI Applications in various economics sectors
- Case Studies in Enterprise Integration and Enterprise Interoperability
- Enterprise Interoperability in collaborative networked organisations
- Enterprise model verification, validation, and negotiation in networks
- Cross-organizational business processes;
- EA accreditation. Reference models for Enterprise Interoperability
- Self-organisation and adaptation in EA and EI
- Role of data mining, warehousing, business intelligence in EA and EI
- Networked Business Models and Agility
- EA and EI in Mergers and Acquisitions
- Enterprise Integration / Enterprise Interoperability and SOA
- Enterprise Interoperability and MDI (Model Driven Interoperability)
- EA/EI and Business ICT alignment
- Enterprise Interoperability as a Science
- Coherency Management & Next Generation Enterprise Architecture
- EA/EI for Decision Support Tools and Business Management
- EA/EI Frameworks (practice and theory)
- Interoperability trends & standardization
- Combining Management Theory and EA/EI
- Maturity models and criteria to evaluate EI solutions
- EI requirements models and methods for some economics sectors
- Case study and experience reports in EA/EI solutions
- Human understanding and communication for EI
- EA/EI as support for Social and Organisational structures to create

consensus, new organisational forms and cultural change


Instructions for paper submission

Papers must not substantially overlap with papers that ha­ve been pub­lished or are simultaneously submitted to a journal or another con­fe­rence with proceedings. Papers must be written in English; they should be at most 12 pages in total, including bibliography and well-mar­ked appendices. Papers should be intelligible without appendices, if any.


Accepted papers will be presented at the conference and pub­lished in the IFIP AICT (Advances in Information and Communication Technology) Series by Sprin­ger. Sub­mitted and accepted papers must follow the publisher’s guidelines for the IFIP AICT Series (www.springer.com/series/6102, Author templa­tes, Manuscript preparation in Word).  


At least one author of each accepted paper must register to the con­fe­ren­ce and present the paper. All papers must be submitted in electronic form through the web via www.wcc2010.org by the deadline (see important dates). Pa­pers sub­mitted after this deadline will be discarded without review.




IPC members

P.Assogna, IT

A.D'Atri, IT

M.Avram, RO

S.Banerjee, GB

S.Bansal, SG

L.Basanez , ES

P.Bernus, AU

J.Brosvic , US

J.Browne, IE

C.J.Bussler , US

R.Chalmeta, ES

V.Chapurlat, FR

Y.Chen, CN

D.Chen, FR

I.Cruz , US

P.Davidsson, SE

P.De Sabbata, IT

Z.Deng, NO

T.Dimitrakos, GB

A.Dolgui, FR

G.Doumeingts, FR

N.Dowler, GB

Y.Ducq, FR

J.Edwards, GB

F.G.Fadel, CA

I.Fan, GB

F.Farinha, PT

J.Favrel, FR

L.Fernandez , ES

C.Fichtenbauer, AT

F.Filip, RO

T.Fischer, DE

M.Fox, CA

Y.Fukuda, JP

M.Garetti, IT

P.Ghodous, FR

R.Goncalves , PT

T.Goranson , US

M.Gruninger , US

B.Guthridge , US

G.Haidegger, HU

K.Halpin, IE

Z.Han, CN

P.Heymans, BE

R.Hutter, DE

J.Huysentruyt, BE

A.Inamoto, JP

M.Jarke, DE

M.Jeusfeld, NL

R.Jochem, DE

P.Johnson, S

J.José Pinto Ferreira, PT

L.Kalinichenko, RU

B.Kalpic, SI

S.Kassel, DE

A.Kokossis, GB

P.Kopacek, AT

K.Kosanke, DE

I.Kotsiopoulos, GR

G.L.Kovacs, HU

L.Kutvonen, FI

U.Lechner, DE

C.Leong Ang, SG

H.Li , US

R.Meersman, BE

K.Mertins, DE

A.Molina , ME

A.Molina Gutierrez , MX

H.J.Molstand, DK

J.Müller, DE

J.Mylopoulos, CA

K.Naujok, DE

L.Nemes, AU

C.Nikolaou, GR

R.Nikolov, BG

L.Obrst , US

A.Opdahl, NO

A.Ortiz, ES

P.Oude Luttighuis, NL

A.Pardasani, CA

J.Paulo Almeida, NL

H.Pingaud, FR

R.Poler, ES

S.Psonis, GR

D.McRandal, GB

S.Rehm, DE

C.Rolland, FR

N.Rozsenich, AT

K.Sandkuhl, SE

G.Schmidt, DE


P.Schobbens, BE

Y.Shibata, JP

D.Shorter, GB

R.Sommar, SE

T.Tan, CN

X.Tang, CN

B.Vallespir, FR

M.van Sinderen, NL

F.Vernadat, FR

J.Vesterager, DK

C.di Vittorio, IT

L.Vlacic, AU

J.Vlietstra , US

G.Weichhart, AT

R.H.Weston, GB

T.J.Williams , US

N.Wognum, NL

B.Wood, GB

H.Wortmann, NL


C.Zhao, CN

I.Zugasti, ES