Griffith University Quantum Theory Group - past photos.

The Theory Group in the Centre for Quantum Dynamics, September 2015.

Wiseman Quantum       Theory Group Griffith

Back row: David Evans (PhD student), Dr Marcin Zwierz (research fellow), Dr Michael Hall (research fellow), Ms Ivonne Guevera (PhD student), Mr Nicola Dalla Pozza (visiting PhD student) 
Front row: Associate Professor Joan Vaccaro, me, Professor David Pegg (Emeritus),

The Theory Group in the Centre for Quantum Dynamics, December 2010.

Wiseman Quantum Theory Group 2010

Back row: Dr Austin Lund (research fellow), Dr Samuel Colin (research fellow), Dr Raisa Karasik (research fellow)
Next row: Kirby Francis (PhD student), Andy Chia (PhD student), Dr Robert Spekkens (Adjunct Senior Research Fellow), Professor David Pegg (Emeritus),
Front row: me, Dr He-Bi Sun (Adjunct) Associate Professor Joan Vaccaro, David Evans (PhD student)

The Theory Group in the Centre for Quantum Dynamics, July 2007.

Wiseman Quantum Group Griffith

Back row: Jay Gambetta (research fellow), Andy Chia (Ph.D.), Josh Combes (Ph.D.)
Next row: Steve Jones (Ph.D), Byron Booth (Hons), Dominique Moeseneder (Hons), Andrew Scott (research fellow), Ahsan Nazir (research fellow),
Front row: Joan Vaccaro (researcher/Senior Lecturer), David Pegg (Professor), me, Anushya Chandran (visiting student), He-Bi Sun (researcher/Lecturer)

Centre for Quantum Dynamics - Theory Group in May 2005

Wiseman theory group Centre for Quantum Dynamics 2005

From left to right, the people in this photo are:
Back row: Daniel Atkins (Ph.D.), Damian Pope (post-doc), Josh Combes (Ph.D.), David Pegg (Professor), Neil Oxtoby (Ph.D), Steve Jones (Ph.D).
Front row: Nadine Wiseman (admin), Sheldon Chow (research assistant), He-Bi Sun (researcher/lecturer), Kurt Jacobs (post-doc), me, John Vaccaro (researcher/Senior Lecturer)

Centre for Quantum Dynamics - Theory Group in April 2003 

Centre for Quantum Dynamics theory group 2003

From left to right, the members are David Pegg (Professor), Jay Gambetta (Ph.D.), me, Damian Pope (post-doc), Kurt Jacobs (post-doc), Josh Combes (Honours), Laura Thomsen (Ph.D), Daniel Atkins (Ph.D.), Neil Oxtoby (Ph.D),  Kenny Pregnell (Ph.D. with David), and Josh Garretson (Honours).

Centre for Quantum Dynamics - Theory Group in December 2002

This is us outside the restaurant where we celebratied the end of the year, the beginning of the Centre of Excellence in Quantum Computer Technology at Griffith, and my being awarded the 2003 Pawsey medal.

From left to right, the members (and their role in 2003) are Josh Garretson (Honours), Jay Gambetta (Ph.D.), Laura Thomsen (Ph.D), Damian Pope (post-doc), David Pegg (Professor),  Neil Oxtoby (Ph.D), me, Daniel Atkins (Ph.D.) and Kenny Pregnell (Ph.D.)

" Quantum Optics" group in December 2000.

Me (centre front) in my natural environment as a theoretical physicist. This photo was taken at the Dinner of the Australian Institute of Physics Congress, Adelaide, December 2000. The Griffith University Quantum Optics Group (sans Prof. David Pegg), celebrating its special citation by the AOS poster competition judges, was (from left to right): Laura Thomsen, Jay Gambetta, me, Kenny Pregnell, Prahlad Warszawski, and Zoe Brady.