2503ICT: Assessment

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Assessment items

There will be daily laboratory milestones worth 20% in total. These milestones are designed to give you essential practical skills relevant to the assignments and to reward you for keeping up-to-date.

There will be two individual, Web application development assignments, worth 25% each due on Tuesday in week 2 and Wednesday in week 3.

There will also be a final examination worth 30% on the Friday morning in week 3.

Plagiarism will be detected and severely punished.

Students must receive at least 35/70% in total for the laboratory milestones and the two assignments and at least 15/30% for the final examination to receive a grade of Pass or better for the course.

Examination preparation

To be completed...but study theory as well as practice, continuously, throughout the course...

Here are some possible questions and types of possible questions that might appear on the exam.

See also this lecture material.