Week 9: Workshop 8


This workshop will introduce the following topics:

Taking the Storyboard from paper to the screen.

In this workshop:

You will use the storyboards created last week to begin producing a prototype.

YOU SHOULD HAVE MET WITH YOUR GROUP MEMBERS BEFORE THIS TUTORIAL AND ALLOCATED DESIGN TASKS. THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT IF ALL YOUR GROUP MEMBERS ARE NOT IN THE SAME TUTORIAL GROUP. NEXT WEEK YOU WILL BE ABLE TO COMMENCE WORKING ON THE PROTOTYPE. for example you may allocate person A to do prototype interface screens (control buttons/metaphor), person B may do the prototype for screens 1-3, person C may do the prototyp for screens 4-7 in the next tutorial. Prototyping will be 'on paper' - no programming required.




  1. Prior to commencing the tasks use the following checklist to ensure your storyboards meet the requirements:

  1. Open Photoshop (or image editing software) and create a new screen (640 x480 pixels).

  2. Using the storyboards you have created map the screen layout from the paper storyboard to a ‘dummy screen’ in PhotoShop (or image editing program). The purpose of this is to create a ‘dummy screenshot’.

  3. Remember to include all screen details as per the storyboard.


The screen layout should accurately reflect what is defined in the storyboard and flowchart.