Week 7-8: Workshop 6 &7

Use of Storyboards

You may find the following two templates useful:

Storyboard and Storyboard Proforma (Sample)

In this workshop:

You will use the flowchart created last week for your project to create storyboards.

Use assessment template 6.docx to complete the exercise

You will have this workshop and the following workshop to work on your storyboards.

Submit your storyboards by the beginning of workshop 9




  1. Using the flowchart you have created (and reviewed) map out the ‘action’ onto a series of storyboards.

  2. Ensure that all aspects of the flowchart are addressed in the storyboard. You will need to map all links and include all expected media on the storyboard.

  3. Use the following checklist to ensure your storyboard meets the requirements:


The storyboards should accurately reflect what is defined in the flowchart.