Week 4: Workshop 3

Media Elements 2

Understanding appropriate use of media elements of video, sound, animation in multimedia design

Understanding how interface, implementation and functionality impact on effectiveness.


In this workshop:

We will examine the role the media elements of sound, animation and video play in a multimedia title. We will consider how these elements have been used in the work and how they enhance or detract from achieving the intended purpose for the intended audience. We will consider if the media elements used are most appropriate or if other choices should have been made.We will also critically evaluate the effectiveness of interface, functionality and implementation for the multimedia work.

As part of assessment series I, You will begin working on assessment template 3.docx using your chosen multimedia work in this workshop. You will need to sumbit this template to your tutor at the beginning of the next workshop.

BEFORE NEXT WORKSHOP: you need to choose the person you will work with for the prototype project (if you wish to work in pairs otherwise you may work as an individual)

Your tutor will present a multimedia work to you in this workshop. You will be asked to consider the use of text and still images.


For the chosen work you will:

1. State the URL /title of the product

2. State the genre and category and the purpose of the application

3. State the intended audience

4. Identify some objectives

5. In critically analysing the work, what questions should you ask about the use of video/animaton in this work?

6. In critically analysing the work,what questions should you ask about the use of sound in this work?

7. Critically evaluate the interface, implementation and functionality (use some of the questions related to these that were covered in lectures)


After this initial exercise with the class and your tutor,

you will complete the assessment template 3. docx for your chosen work