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Geoff Pryde

Quantum Optics and Information Lab (site under construction)

My research is primarily concerned with the quantum nature of things - exploring the quantum world, and understanding quantum physics to make it useful for new technologies. I work in the fields of quantum information, quantum computation, quantum communication, quantum measurement, quantum control, and coherent control of semiclassical systems.

The Quantum Optics and Information Laboratory pursues work in these areas independently and in collaboration with colleagues at Griffith University, The University of Queensland, around Australia, and internationally. Our recent research includes using quantum control to achieve optimal precision in interferometry, studying entanglement and contextuality, demonstrating new quantum logic gates, and building amplifiers for distillation of field-mode entanglement.

Research in previous positions included demonstrations and characterization of optical quantum logic and novel photonic quantum measurements, the engineering of ensemble qubits in ion-doped solids, and laser stabilization to ~ 1 part in 1013 using high finesse cavities and narrow spectral features in solids.