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Geoff Pryde

I'm a quantum physicist, working in quantum information, computing, measurement, control and optics. Primarily, I do experiments to explore the nature of the quantum world, and to develop the science behind the upcoming generation of quantum technologies.

Presently, I head the Quantum Optics and Information Laboratory at Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia), where I'm a Professor and Australian Research Council Future Fellow. Prior to this, I was a Senior Research Fellow in the Quantum Technology Lab at the University of Queensland and before that, a postdoc in the group of Rufus Cone at Montana State University, where I worked on the dynamics of optical pumping and FM spectroscopy, and laser stabilization to spectral holes in inpurity-ion solids. Even earlier, I was a PhD student in the group of Neil Manson and Matt Sellars at the Australian National University, where I performed the precursor experiments to their present quantum information processing work.

As well as my research work, I also teach into undergraduate physics courses. At present I am teaching first and second year quantum physics, advanced photonics, and third year physics laboratory.

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