Sultan Al Neyadi

PhD candidate

School of Information and Communication Technology

Griffith University

Gold Coast, QLD 4222


Email: sultan.alneyadi2 (at)









Short Biography

Sultan Alneyadi is an ICT PhD student in Griffith University. He holds a Master degree in IT (Information and Network Security) from Griffith University and a Bachelor degree in Engineering (Electronics and Communications) from University of Brighton, UK. His research interests focus on the prevention of sensitive data leakage. He is currently working on enhancing the data classification techniques used in DLP systems.


Link to dataset

This dataset contains self-gathered articles from various websites. it contains 360 documents discussing information security and divided into 6 sub-categories:


1. Antivirus

2. Data leakage prevention

3. Encryption

4. Intrusion Detection

5. Firewall

6. Virtual Private Networks


It is now made public for research purposes. This dataset is different than other datasets because it contains closely related sub-categories under the major category "information security". The main aim is to provide a harsh and challenging environment for data classification and detection.