We combine academic research with our design and development skills to create innovative applications for VR, AR and anything in between.

VR Cycling

We've taken riding a stationary bike to a whole new level. Our prototype VR track cycling simulator allows users to virtually ride around the Anna Meares Velodrome, the indoor cycling stadium where the 2018 Commonwealth Games will be held. Thanks to funding from Advanced Queensland, we are working to upgrade the prototype so it can be used to ready Australian athletes for competition.


Blurred Minds

We worked with Griffith Film School and Business School to develop the application side of the Blurred Minds alcohol warehouse VR house party. The program lets students experience a house party with a branching narrative based on their decision to drink or not drink. The application is available on both Google Play and the App Store.


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Marine Explorer

Marine Explorer is an educational prototype to teach students about the coral and fish of the Great Barrier Reef. Designed for both google cardboard and Daydream, students can explore a smalls section of the reef, and learn interesting facts about the wildlife. We use the app as a basis for Unity3D workshops conducted in Griffith's Red Zone, where students learn how to build a VR application from nothing

Coming soon to iOS and Android!

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The IDEA Lab was established to explore innovative designs and emerging applications. We want to design technology which will improve lives through interaction that supports humanity.



We have researchers at every level, from honours, PhD to Postdoc. We look a range of different content areas, with each researcher having their own speciality. Many of our researchers also do design and development work for the lab, ensuring our projects are well based in academic knowledge.

Research Areas

Augmented Reality

How can AR be used for education? What interaction paradigms work the best? Can AR be used to enhance live events?

Virtual Reality

How should we interact with VR? What can we do to alleviate motion sickness? How can VR enhance a given experience?


How can gamification be used effictively? Can we take these ideas and use them for education and learning? How can gamification support advocacy initiatives?

User Experience

How can we make these technologies more accessible? What can we change to make the user experience with emerging technologies better?

Recent Publications

How Design Involvement Impacts Deaf Children

Korte, J., Potter, L.-E., & Nielsen, S.

Presented at the ICRIIS 2017, Langkawi, Malaysia (2017).

Identifying Best Practices in Organisation SOA Governance Adoption: Case Study of Saudi Arabias E-Government Programme

Alghamdi, B., Potter, L.-E, & Drew, S.

Presented at the PACIS 2016, Chiayi, Taiwan (2016).

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Designing Games for Presence in Consumer Virtual Reality.

Carter, L., & Potter, L.-E.

Presented at the PACIS 2016, Chiayi, Taiwan (2016).

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Promoting Physical Activity in Seniors: Future Opportunities with Emerging Technologies.

Araullo, J., & Potter, L.-E. (2016).

Presented at the ACM SIGMIS CPR 2016, Alexandria, VA, United States (2016).

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PHD Topics

Interaction Design for Virtual Reality

Lewis Carter, PHD Candidate

Lewis is working towards identifying a new design implementation for system control user interfaces for wand controller based VR headsets. He is focused on designing interactions that don't overly simplify an action, but that are still easier to complete than in the real world.

Preventing Cybersickness in Emerging Virtual Reality Technology

Andrew Paroz, PHD Candidate

Andrew is investigating factors that can contribute to, or reduce cybersickness within VR technology. By identifying new techniques to reduce cybersickness, he is hoping to make VR accessible to more people.

Requirements Development for Government Cloud Computing Implementation

Bader Alghamdi

Bader looks at the application of cloud computing in a public organisation. His focus on developing architecture requirements for cloud computing implementation by addressing existing barriers. His potential outcomes would contribute to a set of success requirement matrices for cloud implementation.

Our Team

Dr. Leigh Ellen Potter


Leigh Ellen is a senior lecturer in the School of ICT, with an industry background in Business Analysis, Project Management and User Experience. On weekends you'll find her tangled in fabric.

Lewis Carter

VR Lead | Project Manager

Lewis is a PhD Candidate, and manages many of our VR and AR projects. He has a tendency to put coloured dye in his hair, and has an obsession with his Shiba Inu, Pretzel.

Alex Thompson

AR Lead | Researcher | Designer

Alex is a PhD candidate who is researching participant preparedness and suitability in participatory design projects for augmented reality. She is an amateur baker, artist, and prefers pen and paper.

Xavier Hunt

Researcher | VR Engineer

Xavier is a PhD candidate, researching how to better identify VR sickness before it occurs, through player behaviour and biometrics. He works on research and non-research projects in the VR field, including games, simulations, data visualisations, optimisation, and tools.

Andrew Paroz


Andrew is a PhD Candidate who is looking into cybersickness factors in VR. He is sport mad and can frequently be found on a golf course.

Bader Alghamdi


Bader is Phd candidate, his research interests in enterprise systems and cloud computing implementation, ambitious to innovate his world.

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