Andrew Rock's Publications

Michael J. Maher, Andrew Rock, Grigoris Antoniou, David Billington and Tristan Miller, ``Efficient Defeasible Reasoning Systems'', International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools, 10(4), 483--501, 2001. [BibTeX data]

David Billington and Andrew Rock, ``Propositional Plausible Logic: Introduction and Implementation'', Studia Logica, 67, 243--269, 2001. [BibTeX data, pdf]

Andrew Rock and David Billington, ``An implementation of Propositional Plausible Logic'', 23rd Australasian Computer Science Conference, Canberra, 2000. [BibTeX data, paper, slides]

Andrew Rock, ``Low Energy Collision Induced Vibrational Relaxation in B 3Pi0u+ Iodine'', Phd thesis, Griffith University, 1996. [BibTeX data, abstract, thesis (big)]

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