Phobos: Query Answering Plausible Logic System


This page is the web interface to the Phobos query answering Plausible logic system. The forms at the bottom of this page permit you to enter a Plausible description or try one of the sample descriptions. If you want to find out about Plausible logic or Phobos, read on...

About Plausible Logic

Plausible logic is a knowledge representation method based on rules and priorities. There may be conflicts between rules in the sense that they support opposite conclusions A and not A. Priorities may help resolve such conflicts; if they fail then neither A nor not A are derived.

About Phobos

Phobos is an implementation of Plausible logic in Haskell. It is a transparent implementation of Plausible logic that permits rapid extension. The following documents (regularly updated) describe Phobos.

  • The Phobos Technical Report (short version) [.pdf]
  • The Phobos Technical Report (long version, with complete Haskell sources) [.pdf]
  • Phobos Syntax Help [.html]
  • Phobos Proof Help [.html]

Download the Phobos distribution here[.tar.gz].

Last updated: 2004-03-23 by Andrew Rock

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