Quotes Characters

Single Quotes and HTML

The common method of useing single quotes is to use the backquote character ( ` code 96, or "Grave Accent") with a regular single quote ( ' code 39, or "Apostrophe"). However most character sets these days display the later as a vertical un-slanted quote!
` text '  -> ` text '

Ideally you should be able to use the HTML codes..
But this failes for netscape, but not mozilla. :-(
‘ text ’  -> ‘ text ’
or you could try the uni-code characters (fails for netscape)...
‘ text ’  -> ‘ text ’
But the backquote with a the ascent character (or "Spacing acute").
This works, but not very well with netscape v4...
` text ´  -> ` text ´
` text ´  -> ` text ´

HTML 4.0 complient browsers should be able to use the <Q>
<Q> text </Q>  -> text

As you can tell from the above comments that single quotes can be a real pain to use!

More information can be found on the Typesetting Page I found on the web. Especially the last paragraph.

Meta Characters

The older browers (like netscape 4) do not understand meta-characters as generated by word processors such as "Word for Windows". They generally display them as just a question mark. Newer Browsers like Mozilla do display such characters as expected.

If the following appears as question marks, your browser does not understand them. If they appear as various styles of quotes, your browser does understand them.

  meta-Q  ->   meta-R  ->   meta-S  ->   meta-T  ->