Box Bitmaps (image joining experiment)

These images are a set of 17 bitmaps all of which are 24x24 pixels. Html browsers should allow these bitmaps to join together to form boxes, separators and 3d indentation lines. However having said this some web browsers are brain dead with regard to images, and should be upgraded.

These images are courtesy of the Crossfire Developers. More box, and wall style images can be found in Anthony's Icon Library, under the section "Programming, Walls". This specific walls were converted from Thin Walls.

Box Bitmaps

<-- This structure is made up of 9 separate bitmaps

<-- Similarily this is a line of three bitmaps. Build it to any length.

This is an example
of some fancy
3D indentation.

<-- Space, Dot, Space

Total number of bitmaps used above is 17, not counting 'space'. Anyone for a HTML Maze?

Created: 11 December 1994
Updated: 2 January 1997
Anthony Thyssen, <>