Castle Treasury

You are in a large darkened round room. The room is probably the base of one of the castle towers however no stairs or other doors can be seen.

In the middle of the room is a huge glass display case with numerous bright spot lights shining into it. The bottom of the case is covered in a pile of gold, silver, platinum, gems and various ornate pieces of jewelery. Obviously representing a rich `dragon horde' of treasure.

In the middle at the top of this pile, rests a gold crown of a king. The crown is typical of a kings crown with golden spikes around the top edge. The body of the crown however has the engraved image of a golden dragon arranged so that it is breathing a flaming cone of rubys at its own tail. The eye of the dragon is a large diamond, and the claws are obsidian.

Next to the crown and `planted' in the `dragon horde' so that it rests against the crown is a scepter of ruling. The scepter is silver and topped with a crystal orb held in which looks to be a dragons claw.

Surrounding the display case is a red rope on brass poles. The poles are embedded in the floor and can not be moved and with the ropes forms a octagon around the display case. The floor beyond the ropes is tiled in white while the rest of the room the tiles are a very dark blue, with white specks.

No other people or guards can be seen in the room with you.

You can ...
[search] Search for secret passages
[examine] Examine the display case from behind the ropes
[Cross Rope] Cross the ropes around the display case
[exit] Leave the room

Dated: 15 April 1995
Anthony Thyssen, <>