Dimensional Oracle Speaks...

The silver zorkmid seems to fall directly through the table and a faint clink is heard as it joins others of its own kind. The robed woman bends over the crystal ball and with gentle caressing strokes the ball starts to glow even brighter with misty swirls in the light. Your eyes seem to be drawn into the body of the crystal ball, with great expectation.

In a coarse whispering voice the oracle intones...

``From past, present and future,''
``From distant dimensions as yet unseen,''
``From books, lost in time or as yet unwritten,''
``A message comes with the light for thee... ''
And with that, the crystal ball flashs a brilliant white, blinding you momentarily. And you hear with out hearing, a voice from some distant dimension...

  "Data, you are one smart man, no matter what time period you are in!"
                                     -- StarTrek NG, "All good things..."

When your vision returns the oracle has returned to the way she was before.

You can return to the ante-chamber or throw another silver zorkmid onto the oracle's table.

CGI-Program: ``message''
Created: 8 January 1995
Updated: 7 February 1997
Author:Anthony Thyssen, <anthony@cit.gu.edu.au>