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Looking at the spines (backs of the books) par haphazard, you find these books particularly interesting...

You can read...
* ``Anthony's Book of Quotes'' by Everyone and Anyone
* ``Carrot Conjuration'' by Wizard Wabbit
* ``Personal Journal'' by Man-at-Arms Olkkgo
* ``Thoughts in the Peanutbutter'' by Cleric Rendor (in a brown sticky cover)
* ``A Thesis of The Cruel Angel'' by Neko Oikawa
* ``Wraith'' by RuthAnne Landrum
* ``Teologica Magica'' by Lord Nebo
* ``The Foissoning'' by Childe Robert
* ``Abstract Poetry'' by Merrik from Uterriagh
* ``A Faerie Dragon's Tale'' by Imathil
* ``Terror'' by B. Afraid and B. Veri-Afraid
* ``The Magical Teleport'' by "Ghett Aweigh"
* ``The Adventures of Cwrw'' by H.H.
* ``Box of Imagination'' by Jawaher Andrea Tariq
* ``The Secrets of the Universe'' by "I. Canought Tellu"
* ``The Princesss' Magic Castle'' by "The Princess"
* ``A Short History'' by Adam Calinsed Cuerden
* ``A Dragon Christmas'' by Charles Foster III
* ``Tale of the Great Dragon'' by Sareth the Great
* ``Rhyme of Ye Old Prygald'' by Madame Vidella
* ``Three Pink Socks'' by Oscar Van der Toorley
* ``No Love for Sprite'' by I Love Cokenotsprite
* ``Gone: What Never Was'' by The Wolf
* ``Little Oard's Guide to Proper Banquet Behavior'' by Green Dragon
* ``TV is Very Scarey'' by Josh Favalora
* ``Foal Friends'' by Dominique Dietz
* ``Gish the Fish'' by Nancy Cirillo
* ``The First Step of Knowledge'' by Traveller of My Time
* ``A Young Faerie's Secret to Life'' by Kitty Meowten, the Coffee Faerie
* ``A Defense Agreement'' by Shaman Jamaal, of the Zulu Nation
* ``Stress Is Just A Stranger'' by Tyeisha Malone
* ``Stalker'' by Emma Simms
* ``The Christmas Present''

Or you can...
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