Cliff Walk and Forest Edge

You are standing at the junction of the cliff top and the edge of the thick and tangled forest.

A very scenic cliff top walk running east and west enters the thick forest. While to the east it continues toward a castle. A sign here reads..

Cliff Walk

Castle of Sir Anthony, 2 Klicks East

Icon Pavilion and Balcony Lookout, 1 Klick West

The cliff here looks quite unscaleable, though peeking over the edge you can see a beach bordering a crystal lake. Accross the lake to the north you can see the forest continuing around the lake, and to the mountains beyond. The beach below seems to be unusual in that it is a mosaic of humanoid shapes built up from multi-colored sands. You are not sure why.

The edge of the gloomy forest curves around the grassy area surrounding the castle to the east, and a small village to the south-east. Directly south, a potholed road exits the forest and heads across the clearing past the front of the castle to disappear into the forest again to the far east.

You can go..
[East] Eastward toward the castle along the cliff top walk.
[Forest] Westward into the forest along the cliff top walk.
[South] South along the forest edge toward the road.

Created: 4 January 1997
Modified: 5 January 1997
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>