Southern Beach

You are standing on a sandy beach at the bottom of a tall cliff which extends to the east and west. Carved precariously into the cliff are some stairs leading up the cliff face to the castle above. The castle itself you can't see but a sign next to the stairs definitely declares the ``Sir Anthony's Castle'' is up there somewhere.

The sandy beach surrounds a crystal clear lake, with the sun's reflection shimmering on the rippled surface. Cliffs also surround the lake except on the north and north-eastern sides. A small island can be seen near the far side of the lake, while a shadowly break in the cliffs can be made out on the north-west shore.

There is a jetty leading directly out onto the lake, which has a sign declaring this to be ``Anthony's Pier''. You are not sure why, but this seems to tickle your memory of something you read somewhere.

Another smaller sign, half buryed in the sand reads ``No littering''. As if in disregard for this, an empty Coke bottle has been deposited on the ground next to the hald buried sign.

You can..
[East] Stroll East around the lake
[West] Wander West along beach
[North] Walk north onto ``Anthony's Pier''
[Stairs] Climb the stairway cut into the cliff

Lake Idea: 25 April 1995 by Colin Morris, <>
Sign Idea: 12 September 1995 by Dan Pritchett, <> Moved to Sky's Realms, 18 August 1996 by <>
Returned to Anthony's Realms, 2 August 1997, due to disappearence of Sky.
Last Modified: 6 August 1997 by Anthony Thyssen, <>