Cliff Top Stairs

You are at the top of a cliff to the north-west of a small, twin towered, castle. Immediately to the east a huge collection of kites are flying, taking advantage of the wind coming up and over the cliff edge. A set of stairs has been carved directly into the cliff face, leading down. A small trail leads round from the front of the castle to the south, and then continues along the cliff westward, creating a very scenic walking track.

Below you, at the base of the cliff you can see a small lake, surrounded by sandy beachs, and rock pools. A wooden pier juts out into the lake and a number of small boats are tied to it. Across the lake the tangled forest of the ``Great Web'' borders the edge of the lake.

The water of the lake looks peaceful with the sun shining off the ripples on its surface. A small island with a couple of trees and some sort of stone structure can also be made out.

You can..
[Stairs] Descend the stairs down the cliff
[Kite] Check out the field of kites to the east.
[South] Follow the trail south around to the front of the Castle
[West] Take the scenic cliff top walk, westward.

Lake Idea: 25 April 1995 by Colin Morris, <>
Shovel Idea: Anthony Thyssen, <> Moved to Sky's Realms, 18 August 1996 by <>
Returned to Anthony's Realms, 2 August 1997, due to disappearence of Sky.
Last Modified: 2 August 1997 by Anthony Thyssen, <>