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While I continue to work occasionally on my own wind driven Bubble Machines, I occasionally go to the big department stores to look at what sort of bubble machines are available. This time I was suprised to find an actual wind driven bubble machine on the toy shelves in the lead up for christmas 1996.

The only catch is that the bubble machines was for attaching to a bicycle handle bar, and is at the end of a long arm to postion the bubble generator to one side of the rider. It was also cheap compared to some of the buble toys you usally find on the shelves.

Details (from a netsearch and product instructions):

``The POOF Bicycle Bubble Machine''
© 1993 Poof Toy Products, Inc., Phymouth Mi.


[photo] [photo] [photo]

First thing I found out was the long arm out to one side of the machine forms a reservior for bubble fluid so the machine can hold more. This means that unit is asymetrical.

I am be using the bracket provided to sit it on a pole, high enough to get a good wind, and out of reach of little hands.

I hope that enough interest in this device will create feedback to the `Poof Toy Company' to create a simular wind driven generator more suitable for us kite fliers!.


I originally intended to set up this machine on a kite line but this proved to be unreasonable as it is unstable due to its odd shape and only lasts about 5 minutes in a good wind. Worse still when the machine reaches its lower limit, it starts to rotate the bubble loops faster and just flicks the rest of mix all over the place without generating bubbles, not that I consider that a real problem.

If you are interesting in battery powered bubble machines I suggest you look for a comerical bubble machines are available from theatrical supply shops either for rent or for purchase.

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Mike Major <> sent the following email to me...

Wow you did generate interest in our Bubble Blower, I just wanted to
thank you for your interest in our products and let you know that we
still have a dozen of the Bubble Blowers available.
We still get quite a few people looking and buying them from us.
I just wanted to let you know, that we have had 2 people respond to us
through yoour site
Mike Major
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Created: 21 December 1996
Updated: 3 February 1998
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>