Term Modem Multiplexer

This simple document provides specific information for using term between kurango running SunOS and a user home PC running Linux. It is not a complete guide user for term. For a complete guide please refer to Term HOWTO which is also included in the term sources.

Requirement for running `term'

Installing `term' on your home PC

Using `term' -- Examples

My own setup is Linux (kernel version 1.1.52) running on my poor 486DX50 and a 14.4k modem. I name my PC dragon, and I will use this name in the following document.

While the examples use kurango, term and these examples will also work on gucis.

Starting `term'

  1. Start Linux on your home PC, and login.
  2. Use a normal communication program like kermit, minicom (I am using) to login to kurango as usual.
  3. On gucis type,
  4. Escape back to your local machine and suspend your comm program --
    ^Z under kermit,
    ^Aj under minicom.
  5. On your local linux machine,
           term -r </dev/modem >/dev/modem &

Logging to gucis via `term'

Type ``trsh'' in your local Linux session. As Linux normally supports more than five session on the console, you can open five login sessions to kurango at the same time.

Starting X via `term'

  1. Start X server on your PC
    	  startx &
    Note: This is assuming you have set up your xsession.
  2. Login to gucis
  3. On gucis,
  4. After run txconn, you should get a number, say 10, then
    	 setenv gucis:10
  5. Start any X client as you want, and all windows will come up on your local linux machine.
Note that, using txconn has the same effect as xhost+, so please use xauth to security your X connection, and turn off xhost authorization otherwise your PC (running linux) at home is open to attack.

Simple X Protocol Compressor

For more efficient and fast X connection use xspc which is available from X11 R5 contrib area.
  1. Start X server on your PC
           startx &
  2. On your local linux machine,
          sxpc local dragon:0
  3. Login to gucis
  4. On gucis,
          tredir 4000 4000
          setenv DISPLAY `sxpc remote kurango:0`
                         ^---Note the back-quotes

Terminating `term'


Created: 6 December 1994, by Stephen Chen
Updated: 12 April 1995
Modified for Local Usage: Anthony Thyssen