Tower Floor -- Shell Scripts

This floor of the tower looks to be below ground. It is dank, and poorly lit by a single splittering torch on the far wall.

Stepping into the room, you find yourself surrounded by musty scrolls. The scrolls are neatly stacked in racks around the wall and each rack is carefully titled. Some racks seem to be holding more scrolls than others.

A spiral staircase leading both up and down is to one side of the room. The upward stairs has a sign reading Tower Entrance and Reading Room while the stairs leading further down read Perl Scripts.

Just to the left of the staircase is another of the white marble circle.

The titles on the numerous scroll racks are :-

[   ] General Shell Script Hints (***)
[   ] File Handling in Shell Scripts (**)
[   ] Shell File Handles (**)
[   ] Reading Input from user & files (**)
[   ] Using TCP/IP from shell scripts (*)
[   ] Shell History (*)
[   ] A Random collection of shell functions

[   ] Scripts and the SheBang
[   ] Create Unreadable Shell Scripts!

[   ] Random Number Generator Scripts
[   ] Reg. Expressions Hints and Tips
[   ] Csh Aliases Hints and Tips
[   ] Environment Variables
[   ] Imported Functions

[   ] Bad features of 'sh'
[   ] Bad features of 'bash'
[   ] Startup FAQ for Csh & Tcsh
[   ] Bad features of 'csh' (incl. tcsh)
[   ] Bad features of 'csh' (Extra)
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Created: 13 January 1995
Updated: 28 April 2011
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>