Tower Floor -- C Programming

Tower Floor -- C Programming

Almost completely encircling (except around the stairs) the walls of this room are large racks of scrolls. In the middle of the room a flaming monument fills the room with light. A plaque on the side of the monument reads...
In dedication to all dead computer languages Past, Present and Future.

Cobol, Fortran, Forth, Pascal, BCPL, B...

You feel humbled in the presence of this monument and if you'd had a hat you feel inclined to remove it in silent reverence.

The stone staircase behind you signed as leading up to VI Editor and down to The X window System where the X is very weirdly drawn with angled lines of different thicknesses.

The white marble circle is of course just to the right of the stairs. Something about its position however seems to not be right but you aren't quite sure what.

The titles on the scroll racks lining the walls are :-

Icon  Name                    Description
[TXT] C.algorithms Small 'n' Nifty Algorithms [   ] C.debugging Debugging Hints and Tips [TXT] C.hints General C programming Hints & Tips> [TXT] C.macros Cpp Macro Programming Rules and Tricks [TXT] C.processes Fork, Exec & Child Processes Tips [TXT] C.prog.bugs Programming Bugs to watch out for [TXT] C.sys.depend Things to check with C Compilers [TXT] C.threads Using threads in C [TXT] Curses.hints Curses Programming Hints and Tips [   ] DataStructures Data Structures in C (of any type) [TXT] IO.hints Input, Output, and Sockets [TXT] Make.hints Makefile Hints and Tips [TXT] Parsing.txt Parsing Files, Words, Configs [TXT] RandomNumbers Random Number Generators [TXT] TildeExpansion Expanding tilde `~' as csh does [TXT] Yacc.hints Yacc Programming Hints and Tips [TXT] bit_programming.txt Bitwise programming Tricks [TXT] fixpoint.hints My notes on Fixed Point Integers [TXT] fixpoint.macros Fixed Point C Macro functions [TXT] lib.funct.c Library function substitution [TXT] loadable.objs Creating and Loading a Runtime .o File [TXT] locking.hints [   ] select.example Using Select (complex example explained) [TXT] shared.libraries Creating a shared dynamic library [TXT] shared.memory Using shared memory between processes [TXT] signals.hints Signal Handling and Processing
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Created: 13 January 1995
Anthony Thyssen, <>