Castle of Anthony Thyssen

[Castle Wall And Entrance]

You are in a grand foyer of a magnificent castle. The floor is decked in a thick red carpet and the stone walls have been polished until it shines. Obviously this castle entrance is not designed for the wear and tear of combat troops, but for the greeting of noble visitors such as yourself.

A sign chained to the arched stone ceiling reads...

Greetings and Welcome,
       to Ye Castle of Anthony Thyssen, friend of dragons, collector of runic icons, flyer of kites, and sorcerer of computer magic. This be my home where I study the computational forces of the Great Web, and other hobbies of mine. Feel free to wander and explore.

For the impatient, all the areas of major interest be directly reachable via ye teleportation pentagram below this sign in the middle of this foyer.

Enjoy thy stay.

To your left is a softly glowing magical panel of runic buttons displaying what appears to be an open inn keepers book and pen, and something called a ``mailbox''. It looks as if you just select what you want it to do.
[mail box]Scribe Anthony some Mail (comments, suggestions, errors)
[personal]About the Owner of this Castle (for the snoopy people out there)
[Software]Software Export of Anthony

In the middle of the corridor engraved on the floor in a circle where the carpet gives way to dressed stone is a pentagram and a small podium containing more of the runic buttons you saw on the magic panel to your left. However only one of the buttons seems to have any description at all. The arrangement seems to suggest that you should stand on the pentagram and select one of the buttons on the control panel...

verbose [penta] listing
[Foyer] [Kite] [Icons] [Sorcery] [WwwLab] [Library] [Oracle] [Hotlist] [CIT]

The passageway that makes up the foyer continues northward into the castle proper. Ahead you can see the passage divide in all directions.

[passage]To the rest of this castle.

Just behind you is a huge set of iron bound oak doors at least a foot thick are standing wide open to the world. A stony pot-holed track leads from the castle toward a crossroads in front of the castle. Beyond you can see a small village at the bottom of a gently sloping hill.

Further beyond the village and looking like it surrounds the castle is a dark foreboding forest of tightly interwoven trees, which you vaguely remember just escaping from. The forest you remember is called, ..ah.., ``The Forest of the Great Web'', or something like that. A very chaotic place you can easily get lost in.

[outside]Explore outside the castle walls.

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Created: 2 December 1994
Updated: 9 January 1997
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>
Castle Logo: Tronn Dyrstad <>