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Support Scripts supplied with this library

Software for use with this library

XbmBrowser v5.1. (X Windows C program)
This is an interactive X bitmap and pixmap browser. The program is a must, for exploring and viewing this icon library, and without which the library would have been an impossibility.

This is also available from the X Consortium FTP Site or any of its mirrors.

X Pixmap Library
This library allows you to include and display X pixmap images in your X Window Programs. In particular images for program icons, buttons and anything else you need.

PbmPlus (NetPbm) (Image Filter Package)
This is the package used by the scripts in this libraries Support Scripts, I use to convert or modify a whole directories of images. For script work I find this package better than ImageMagic (below). I use both packages.

ImageMagick (Image Filter Package)
A excellent image filter package. Some of the newest Support Scripts in this library now use this package, particularly for generating "thumbnail montage", and GIF Animations for the WWW. For just casual use, this package is better then Pbmplus (above), though I do use both packages.

GifTrans (GIF Image Filter)
A Filter I use in some scripts to find the transparent color used in GIF files being decoded. Also useful to add transparency, interlace or just check the content of GIF images, inside and outside image scripts. WARNING: I have found and corrected a few bugs in giftrans, look for the fixed version in my ftp area (v1.12.3)

Other GIF handling programs are now available, including...

CTwm (X Window Manager)
This X Window Manager is a must to display all those colorful icons for your windows. I use it directly with the library, and specifically the "desc/std-cl" and "desc/cl-64x38" icon sections of this library.

Other X Window Manager's
Other X Window Manager's can also make good use of the color icons available in this library. These include "fvwm" (Feable Virtual Window Manager -- as found in linix) and "gwm" (Generic Window Manager -- lisp programmable). The Descriptive Icons sub-section of the library is of particular note to window icon managers.

XV v3.10a (Image Viewer and Modifier)
The best X Window Image viewer, which includes color editing, image filtering and cutting and pasting.

xvxpm.c (XV v3.10a Patch for X Pixmap Images).
The XV v3.10a program has a bad module for loading X pixmap images This patch is a replacement module for the XV source. See the Patch README for more information.

Dated: 7 Feburary 1996
Updated: 11 June 1996
Anthony Thyssen, <anthony@cit.gu.edu.au>