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X Window Icon Libraries

* Anthony's (X Window) Icon Library. (This library of course)
* Steve Kinzlers "picons" collection (was "faces")

PC Format Icons

* AFactor's Iconolog 96 : The Art of Virtual Litter
* OS/2 Icon Collection (hobbes) in different editor formats.
* Mark's Icon Vault

Macintosh Icons

* Jeanette Foshee's Simpson's Icons
* IconMania! by Dubl-Click Software

Clipart Sites

* AIcons "Large" Clipart (clipart in AIcon's Library) * A+ Art
* Just Some more Clip Art
* Amber's Free Art (Also look at her backgrounds)

WWW Image Libraries

* HTML Writers Guild -- Graphics Libraries
* AFactor's Iconolog 96 : The Art of Virtual Litter    (The Iconoweb has a very nice tile effect)
* Rutgers WWW Icons and Logos
* Ron Kinion's WWW Line Set
* Alphabets by Talyce
* A+ Art -- Wyatt Lehmenkuler <osucc@aol.com>
* Ted Goff's Cartoon Icons
* Eric's Hot Icons
* The Icon Depot -- Jayne Payne <payne@iamerica.net>
* Mark's Icon Vault
* NetCREATORS Icon Page
* The Graphic Station

If you know of an icon library that should be added to the above, please
mail me and I'll add it to the above.

Created: 7 Feburary 1996
Updated: 15 July 1997
Anthony Thyssen, <anthony@cit.gu.edu.au>