Northern Corridor

You are in a large corridor leading from the open air courtyard to the south and a large set of ornate silver lined doors to the north. On either side of these doors two immaculately dressed guards stand at attention with shining silver halberds crossing in front of the doors.

The doors are however at this time closed and a small sign is hanging from the gold door handles.

The sign reads:-

{Bang! Hammer!} Under Construction -- Dwarves at Work {Clang! Thump!}

Two lesser passages lead further into the castle to the east and west and are very plain looking with of a tiled stone floor and rough stone walls. A number of torches line the walls and a few doorways can also be seen.

You can...
[up] Through the ornate doors. **LOCKED**
or go...
[South] South, into the courtyard.
[East] East, into a smaller side passage.
[West] West, into another side passage.

Dated: 27 May 1995
Anthony Thyssen, <>