Old Dining Room

You open the door, you enter a darkened room, lit only by the torches in the corridor. Immediately inside you are greeted by a lovely mahoghany dining table, set with Victorian china upon a scarlet and gold patterned tablecloth. However, years of dust and cobwebs overhang it all.

Why would anyone keep such a nice room locked away?

As if in answer to that question, the table settings begin to fly about the room, and faint glowing figures can be seen flying around the room. -- Ghosts!!!!

As the knives and other pointy utensils begin to fly directly at you, you decide it's about time to leave. You slip out the room, and slam the door behind you.

You can...
[Look] Look around the corridor again
[Treasury] Have a gander at the display of gold and jewels.
[Kitchen] Check out the kitchen.
Or you can go...
[South] [East]

Created: 31 July 1996
Modified: 1 August 1996
Author and Idea: Adam Calinsed Cuerden, <acuerden@salsgiver.com>
Modified: Anthony Thyssen, <anthony@cit.gu.edu.au>