Guard Room

Looking into the open door way you find that it is a guard room with the guards all sitting around a central table drinking a lite ale and playing some sort of lively card game which seems to involve the use of daggers!

On the far wall a poster has been pinned to the wall showing a well muscled arm with a dragon tattoo (biting the arm!). It must have been popular as a number of the guards, though not all, seem to sport similar tattoos of dragons.


The rest of the guard room is filled with unkept bunks for sleeping. On one of these you can see one very large guard in bronze plate armour resting with his hands behind his head watching the activity of the others with great amusement. The bronze plate is embossed with a stylised dragon with huge butterfly wings.

You figure that the guards are here on call in case of trouble or invasion. It also appears that they do not see much action and are currently suffering from severe boredom. However you think that they would dislike the intrusion of a visitor into their domain, or worse still, they may ask you to join in that card game with the daggers.

You are in the corridor, where you can...
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Dated: 27 March 1995
Updated: 21 Feburary 1996
Anthony Thyssen, <>