Castle Courtyard

You are standing on a wide cobble-stone path passing though a large open courtyard. The path leads north and south into two large portals into the castle proper. In the middle of the courtyard and causing the path to split to either side is a large gurgling fountain. The water gushing out at the top looks extremely pure.

The cobble-stone path however is separated from the rest of the courtyard by a yellow and black striped ribbon fluttering in the slight breeze. This is probably just as well as the courtyard is currently filled with piles of lumber, granite and sandstone blocks, sand and numerous (small) tools thrown haphazardly around.

To the North West partially hidden by a stack of wooden panels you can just see a very old well with a classical roof over it. It looks as if it is older than any other part of the castle you have seen.

A group of dwarfs can be seen in a circle in the South Western corner of the castle. It looks as if they are playing some sort of game though it is hard to make out. All you can tell is that occasionally a group of four dwarfs will pick up some other willing dwarf and attempt to throw him as far as possible in the soft sand. The mystical game of `Dwarf Throwing' springs instantly to mind.

A sign leaning up against a large pile of river smoothed stones to the East is clearly readable and clearly applies to the courtyard though probably not intentionally...

{Bang! Hammer!} Under Construction -- Dwarfs at Work {Clang! Thump!}

You can go..
[North] North, into the castle.
[South] South, into the castle foyer.

Dated: 24 March 1995
Updated: 13 July 1997
Anthony Thyssen, <>