Elven Encounter

You are on a wide dirt road leading east and west through the dim and dark forest of the ``Great Web''. The Path looks as if it is kept in good condition. Very different from the usual tangled hyper-jumps through the ``Great Web''. To the west you can see that the road leads out of the forest.

Suddenly an arrow embeds itself into the ground at your feet. You look to the trees, see at least a dozen elven warriors standing off the trail in the trees, with their bows standing ready. Obviously the arrow at your feet was a warning only.

`` Stand and be recognised! ''
An elf says as he leaps nimbly in front of you. Looking you up and down he looks at you eye to eye, even though he is only about the height of your shoulder.

`` Well, ye seems to have been a guest of yon Castle. Fairly well, thou are granted safe passage through our lands, on the provision that ye do no harm to our section of the `Great Web'. ''

`` I be Calain, of the Syrnian Elves. Ye may ask of me questions on the forest and the surrounding area, or thou may leave and continue on thy way. However ye are warned not to stray from this road, as thou can probably get lost easily on the forest trails. ''

You can ask the elves about something..
Or you can...
[East] Follow the road deeper into the forest
[West] Follow the road west, out of the forest
[Forest] Go north, into the undergrowth

Date: 29 April 1995
Idea & Author: Colin Morris, <cmorris@cit.gu.edu.au>
Modified: Anthony Thyssen, <anthony@cit.gu.edu.au>