Dungeon Guard Room

You are in a large is a guard room, well lit by numerous torches set in brackets along the walls. In the center of the room is a stout wooden table with wooden benches on either side. On the table is a pitch half filled with a strong ale and numerous dirty mugs. Along the side walls are a number of cots with blankets in untidy piles on them. Hanging on hook on the opposite eastern wall is a set of large keys.

A loud rumbling snoring sound comes from one of the cots, along with mumbled prases about ``Dragon Sitting, Mumpf!'', and ``Here dragon, Stupid Dragon, have a cookie''. It is plainly obvious that the large person sleeping here is drunk and having a vary bad dream.

To your right and south is a corridor with dungeon cells, most of which looks unlocked. After a short distance the corridor turns eastward. An awful stench seems to emanate from that direction.

Behind you in the western wall a stout iron bound door stands open shoulding a short torch lit corridor, and beyond that, a dark passage decending further into the depths of the earth.

You can

  • Look around the Dungeon Cells
  • Get the Dungeon Keys
  • Tip, Toe to get the Dungeon Keys
  • Drink some of the Ale
  • Try to wake the sleeping Guard
  • Exit the Prison to the torth lit corridor

  • Created: 4 December 1994
    Updated: 5 Feburary 1997
    Anthony Thyssen, <A.Thyssen@griffith.edu.au>