The Green Lined Passage

Searching the walls of the passage you find them rough and damp, as if this tunnel was a natural passage, unlike the dwarven passage you were in before. Water dribbles down the walls and you feel patches of what must be a dark coloured, non-glowing moss. The moss which does glow however is very thick and healthy, though by the way it is placed probably can't expand its growth.

Continuing your search you find a number of natural cracks. Further evidence that this passage is natural and not dwarven in nature. You do however find a section of the low roof when has been cut smooth, probably to stop tall humans banging their head at that point, so the dwarves while they did not dig the passage have been present sometime in the distant past.

Other than all this, your searches for hidden objects, passages, doors and door releases, etc., comes to naught. Most disappointing you feel.

You can..
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Created: 19 April 1997
Updated: 19 April 1997
Anthony Thyssen, <>