The Green Lined Passage

The passage way is almost pitch black, but distinctly cooler, with a feel of water in the air, and only a faint taint of sulphur. The rumbling noise is also markedly less. A respite from your previous location.

You can see the tunnel gently curving from the north, and sloping quite steeply upward toward the south-west. Thanks to small glowing dots of a green phosphorescent moss which line the edges of the tunnel floor, the tunnel is clearly defined allowing it to be traveled without fear of bumping into the tunnel walls.

More green moss, glowing on the north-western wall of the tunnel, forms clearly readable letters. Perhaps some dwarf somewhere has a hobby in phosphorescent moss growing...

Viewing Balcony
A red flicking light can be seen from both ends of the tunnel where the occasional hot sulphurous draft, from one direction then the other, makes you think of the terrible heat that light represents. At least here you have some respite from that heat.

You can go..
[North] North toward the locked gateway.
[South-West] South-West toward what must be the Viewing Balcony.
[Search] Search the walls of the moss lined passage.

Created: 10 February 1997
Updated: 19 April 1997
Anthony Thyssen, <>