Blackened Gateway

The ruler straight upward sloping tunnel you came down to the east, ends suddenly here in front of a huge gate of 2 inch thick iron bars. The bars are blackened and warped by increadible heat. Even though the gate is now relatively cool, the air of the tunnel is stifling hot, and full of a sulphurous smell. You would not be surprised if some brimstone is also present, or a devil comes along to greet you to hell. This is definitely not a day at the beach.

Peering though the warm iron bars of the warped gate, you can see a huge pile of coins which appear bronze in the ruddy flickering light. You have no doubt however that it is a vast pile is gold. Judging by the sparkles which flash all over, huge fist sized gems of all types and other jewelry are embedded into the pile.

Of the cause of the red flicking light and the rumbling gurgling purr, you can see no sign. Whatever it is, be it dragon, or something else, it must be beyond the iron bars which prevent you entering any further.

The gateway is locked by a huge iron padlock slightly distorted from the same heat which warped the gate. Even so it appears to be well oiled and in working order, and if you have its key, you are sure it will open without any problems at all.

Suddenly you notice a shadow to the gates left, and realise a tunnel leads southward from here. And because of the corner, very little of the red light penetrates its darkness. As you look closer a faint green phosphorescent glow can be seen lining the dark tunnel. and a draft of cooler air seems to waft occasionally, enticing you to enter to escape from the volcanic heat.

You can try a key on the gateway...
Or you can go...
[East] Up and east back toward the castle.
[South] South into the dark, cooler passage.

Created: 8 February 1997
Updated: 19 April 1997
Anthony Thyssen, <>