Dark Passage

The Passage was obviously made by dwarves, straight as a ruler, smooth-floored, and smooth-sided, going with a gentle never-varying slope direct to some distant end in the blackness below.

The passage is only dimly lit by framed entrence east and up from here. Unless you want to be eaten by the not so mythical ``Zorkonian Gnu'' I suggest you go east and upward.

A warm draft however wafts up from the depths, and tunnel while dark is warmer than the dungeons above. Perhaps below is a central furnace used to warm Sir Anthony's Castle in winter. Or maybe it is something else instead.

You can..
[West] Descend westward and down into the ever darkening passage
[East] Retreat into to well lit dungeon corridor

Created: 8 February 1997
Updated: 19 April 1997
Anthony Thyssen, <A.Thyssen@griffith.edu.au>