Forest of the Great Web

You are on a wide gravelly road at the edge of the heavily tangled ``Forest of the Great Web ''.

            |  Realm of Sir Anthony     |
            |     Caution Castle Ahead  |
                         | |              
                  __,__\\| |//__+__
To the east you see a magnificent twin towered castle at the top of a cliff face slightly uphill from here. Just north of the castle a huge number of kites can be seen flying on the cliff top.

The forest edge continues to the north and south curving around pass a small village to the South-East. The road here continues east, passing the castle to re-enter the forest beyond.

A small trail heads north toward what must be a very scenic spot at the edge of the cliff top. While another small track wanders south, and then south-east toward a open field of mowed grass with strange devices in the middle, and a small village beyond.

You can..
[West] [North] [East]
[    ] [South]

Created: 18 July 1996
Modified: 4 January 1997
Author: Anthony Thyssen, <>