ICT Industry Expo

2016 Projects

Aged care app

Aged care app

Kristen Anderson

A mobile application designed for senior citizens which allow them to interact with friends and family, search nearby lifestyle activities and attend interested one.It also includes local listings on general services like plumbers, handyman,etc. It is bun

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Trelec Service

Trelec Service

Alex and James Treby

The aim of this project is to gain credibility for this small business and to enhance the customer service, and in doing so this business requires a website. The scope of this project is to build an official website for Trelec Services to showcase their w

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Tabletop Engine


Tabletop Engine is a user-content driven, virtual roleplaying environment. Through an intuitive interface & custom data-definition language, Tabletop Engine provides a digital platform for 'Pen & Paper' roleplaying games that automates tedious game rules.

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3D modelling

LifeTec - Jennifer Poppe

The aim of the project was to create a 3D model viewer so that LifeTec customers have the ability to view and interact products. The 3D model viewer will help users make decisions on what sort of assistive technology they need.

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A-Star Consulting

Life in Queensland


The project aims to transform Queensland government open data into a highly visual and contextualized form. The project facilitates accessibility of public data sets, and allows for increases in innovation and awareness for Queensland citizens.

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To Be Created

Griffith VR

Dr Leigh Ellen Potter

Our team created a Google Cardboard portal to show off VR projects by the IDEA Lab and other students at Griffith University. We also developed a VR edutainment experience about the Great Barrier Reef as a simple prototype for future research projects.

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HNM Data Analysis


Don Ingram

DataCube is an application designed to assist farmers with best practices by providing up to date information direct from the paddock. Important information such as soil contents, water statistics and weather information is readily available.

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