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Image 1a: Redland Bay farm land, Feb 2000.
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Image 1b: Same scene as 1a above, May 2001.
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Image 1c: Same scene as 1a & b above, March 2002.
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Image 1d: Same scene as 1a, b and c above, March 2004.
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Image 2: Old farmhouse (being renovated) Feb 2000.
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The farmhouse was the centerpiece of the former Mt Carmel Orchard, operated by the White family (details later in this page) It is one of the original and most affluent Redland Bay dwellings, long since fallen on hard times.

The crops in the foreground will disappear before the blade of a caterpiller scraper sometime in March 2000.

Image 3: Site preparation for a new townhouse development, Feb 2000.
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Image 4a: Farmhouse with mature laurel tree-lined driveway 2000.
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Image 4b: Same scene as 4a above, May 2001.Farmhouse has been removed to make way for impending land subdivision. The house was removed by jacking it up, cutting it in two, placing on the back of a low-loader truck and transporting it in pieces to what might be called a 'used-house yard' (similar to a used car yard) where housebuyers can shop for a ready made house. This practice is almost unheard of outside of Queensland. It is made possible by the essentially modular wooden construction of the house which is placed on high stumps to allow air circulation. Wood was used to build houses in the SE Queensland area up until the 1960's when the abundant hardwood supply of the region finally ran out. An example of such a 'used-house' vendor may be seen near the junction of the Pacific and Logan Motorways, travelling south to the Gold Coast from Brisbane at Loganholme.
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Image 4c: Same location as 4 a & b above, farmhouse AND mature laurel treecut down and awaiting removal to make way for residential development, March 2002.
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Image 5: Site preparation for nearby housing subdivision, Feb 2000. (photo by 6 year old John Tuffley)
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Image 6a: Farm machinery shed Feb 2000. Due for demolition April 2000.
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Image 6b: Same location as 6a above, May 2001.
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Image 6c: Same location as 6a & b above, March 2002.
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Image 7a: New on the market housing blocks. August 1999.
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Image 7b: Same location as 7a above, May 2001
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Image 8a: The last crop of cabbages to be grown on this land. August 1999.
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Image 8b: Same location as 8 above, March 2002.
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Image 9a: Looking East from the ridge seen in Image 1. Shows a new suburb encroaching on the farmland.
suburbia_2.jpg (59972 bytes)

Image 9b: Same location as 9a above. New subdivision in foreground.
suburbia_2a.jpg (59972 bytes)

The suburb above is known as Orchard Beach, so named because it was once a custard apple orchard. The orchard was most likely owned by the people who built the farmhouse shown in Image 2.

Image 10: Northeast view of Redland Bay.
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Image 11: Northeast view towards North Stradbroke Island.
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Image 12: Indigenous wallaby
hinterland_wallaby_2.jpg (51630 bytes)

Image 13: Mt Cotton in the Redland Bay hinterland (5 km west)
red_bay_hinterland.jpg (51630 bytes)

Image 14: The Pelican Slipway, Weinam Marina.
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Image 15: Bay Cruiser, example of the enduringly practical Moreton Bay cruiser, Feb 2000.
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Image 16: Other yachts moored nearby
red_bay_yachts.jpg (51630 bytes)

Image 17: Eastern rosella in the setting sun.

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Image 18: After late afternoon storm

red_bay_rainbow.jpg (15587 bytes)

Image 19: Sunrise, August 1999. North Stradbroke Island which shelters Moreton Bay from the pounding surf of the Pacific Ocean.
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